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" If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow."
     -- Chinese Proverb


Help Your Teens Stop Swearing -- 3 Tips for Success

With four-letter words flying freely in today's society, you almost can't blame teens for picking up the swearing habit. But you know that foul language is degrading to both the speaker and the listener. You also know that your teenager swears regularly, he'll seem less intelligent, less mature, and less respectable than the teen who doesn't swear.

No sane person will pretend that teaching teenagers to swear off swearing will be easy, but here are three ways to encourage your teens to clean up their acts:

* Redefine Cool -- Teens may believe that swearing raises their "coolness quotient." Your job is to show them that cool kids have confidence and self-control. Swearing reveals the opposite: insensitivity, lack of control, inarticulateness, and even stupidity. And if there's one thing all teens can agree on, it's that stupid is never cool.

* Set the right example -- If you also swear, resign your membership in the four-letter word club. Apologize to your teens for setting the wrong example, and let them know you will work hard to use calmer, kinder language, even when you're mad. Sincere humility from a parent makes a strong impression on nearly all teens.

* Explain the Link Between Language and Moods -- Foul language is hostile, and using it actually makes you feel angrier. Since feeling angry makes you more prone to swearing again, it's a vicious cycle. So if you want to be happier, talk cleaner.

Your teens may not suddenly stop swearing, but taking the time to help them understand how deeply words matter will help. If you follow these tips, you'll take an important step in helping your teens grow into adults who sound more mature, educated and logical, not high-schoolish and emotional.

Judy Gruen
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